Are You Crazy About Korean Drama?

Athena Goddess of War Love Rain A Gentleman Dignity

Nowadays, Korean drama has become one of the most favorite entertainment in Indonesia. But some of Indonesians still not know how Korean drama can be a famous in Indonesia. It is started when South Korea became the host in 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea-Japan, and South Korea became the successful host. After the World Cup, there is many countries came to South Korea and covered that moment and everything about South Korea. After that, most of all television in the world showed everything about South Korea especially Korean drama and after all Korean drama became famous in this world and Indonesia too. Korean drama is really famous in Indonesia. The first Korean drama show in Indonesia that was aired is Endless Love. That drama becomes popular in Indonesia, so another drama comes to Indonesia like Boys Over Flowers, Princess Hours, Full House, and Winter Sonata.

Basically, there are three genres in Korean drama. They are romance, action, and comedy drama. Romance drama is the most favorite genre for the teenagers and youths, because there are many romantic scenes in Korean drama. It makes the teenagers and youths like Korean drama, so they become happy to watch the drama and they are always waiting for the next romantic scenes. They hope that it will be happen in the real life.

Action drama gives exciting sense for they who like action movie. There are some actions we can see in this film. When the peoples watch action drama, it makes us, as the audience become nervous. The other reason is when the actor acts the action scene, the actor looks so cool, brave, and gentle. Comedy drama gives the humor sense for the audience, and it makes people laugh and it will be the funny entertainment.

What are the reasons that make Korean drama to be popular? So many questions appear why Korean drama is very exciting for the teenagers and youths even the old one. The common reason for young people is Korean drama always has good looking actor and artist. They also do the best acting in the film. The actor and the artist in Korean drama usually wear the nice clothes that suitable with their character. For the artist, they use natural make up so they look so beautiful on the television. In the other hand, the story in Korean drama is clear and it is like in the real life. The story does not have same plot but there are some things happen beyond our expectation. The numbers of the episode is not long too and have already known. The drama also has some songs that become the soundtrack of that drama. The songs are very good to listen and it is very suitable with the scene.

Finally, we realize that Korean Drama has an advantage that can be served for all people, the young and the old one. It can serve not only the nice plot but also the nice actor and artist. Until now, Korean drama still gets much attention from Indonesian teenagers. It is like the most favorite entertainment that never died for the Korean drama lover. It is not only the drama, but also the music that become so popular in Indonesia, it called K-Pop.

By: Vivian Clarinda


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